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Ultimate Packing List – What to Pack While Going on A Trip to Maldives?

Have you planned a trip to Maldives? If yes, then there are some important things that you must have in your traveler bag. After taking care of everything as required for a trip in Maldives such as booking a villa, tickets, checking the weather in Maldives, etc., it is time to pack the bag.

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What to Carry to Maldives with you?

Here are some of the things that you must not miss, while packing for a trip in Maldives.

  • Sunscreen

Maldives is one of the tropical destinations in the world and you can expect strong sunlight during the daytimes, especially on the seashore. Hence, the best way to escape from getting burned by the sunrays is to use the right type of sunscreen. Find the cream that can offer wonderful protection against the strong sunlight as well.

  • Both the Chic and Casual Clothing

Maldives experiences warm and lovely climatic conditions during the daytime and balmy evenings during the months of summer. The best way of getting through both the days and nights while your stay in Maldives is packing light, cool and loose garments. You can go with the sleek sarongs, kaftans, oversized tees here.

To enjoy your time in the fitness centers, you can pack some gym clothes. You can even enjoy some yoga hours if you feel like it, when in Maldives. To enjoy classy dinners, you can pack some maxi or knee length dresses.

  • Dry Bags

Bring dry bags so that you can carry your sunscreen, sunglasses and even hats in them, when you feel like going on a snorkeling experience. Waterproof bags are ideal for carrying your belongings underwater as well, instead of leaving behind everything in the resort lockers.

  • Toiletries

Go with the idea of carrying ecofriendly products while travelling for beach destinations. Instead of dumping chemical products in the sea water, you can keep the surroundings and even the sea water away from chemicals by choosing the eco-friendly supplements.

You should not forget taking insect repellents, mosquito repellent creams, etc., with you to the trip. Carry coconut oil with you to apply after sunbathing, so that you prolong the suntanned skin for some more days.

  • Flip flops, Sandals and Dive Shoes

While packing chic and casual clothing, you cannot forget adding flip flops, sandals and even dive shoes to match your clothing. You can enjoy your beach walks in your flip-flops and enjoy a dressy dinner in your sandals. Do you love snorkeling? If yes, then dive shoes will be your companion.

You will find many websites offering such ideas about what to carry while packing for a trip to Maldives. Know them all and enjoy your visit to the fullest to the beach destination.


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