Friday, January 21

Know More about Second Wave of COVID 19 and How to be Safe

In many countries COVID 19 hasn’t finished its first wave of destructive attack, but few countries are in the midst of COVID 19 second wave spread. This is because in spring and summer season when the climate is hot and humid, the virus lays dormant. However, as soon as the season ends there are high chances of rise in novel COVID affecting hundreds of people.

The situation becomes worse as people may suffer from other grave health issues like flu, influenza, pneumonia and even chikungunya virus infection during cold and rainy season. All may result in people experiencing severe respiratory health issues.

Medical experts say that the second wave may not affect many people because of herd immunity and because people already effected have developed high immunity level and consuming regular antibodies. How long can the immunity of the body remain high to prevent virus from attacking again. Hence, it is always better to abide by the medical experts say and safeguard oneself from COVID 19 health issues.

What are the preventive measures?

  • Social distancing.
    • It is one of the must do practice that is surely going to help you remain safe from any kind of communicable disease. You need to maintain social distance from others in your work place and in public arena.
    • Gone are the days when you could hug your dear and near ones. It is best to maintain social distancing even among friend’s circle and relatives after COVID pandemic ends.
    • You can forget to attend social gatherings, watching movies in theatres or enjoy delicious food in restaurants for few months more.
  • Maintain body hygiene.
    • You need to take extra care to maintain the body hygiene. You need to wash your hands often using effective hand wash that doesn’t spoil your skin’s texture as well as clean the lurking germs.
    • Your body wash should be the best suitable ones to clean your body fully removing dirt and germs.
  • Keep the surroundings clean.
    • Your office, home and its surroundings need to remain fully clean. There shouldn’t be any place where microbes can multiple.
    • You can use disinfectant spray to kill the germs.
  • Regular medical checkup – Yes, this is mandatory as any other health issues leads to you becoming a victim of COVID 19.
  • Keep yourself fit and enhance your body immunity level. It is best to stay healthy by eating balanced diet and do regular exercise. Eating junk food and fatty food can be avoided for couple of months.
  • Try to maintain your mental wellbeing. If you are depressed and stressed, it is difficult to fight COVID. The person having strong mind is sure to fight successfully against any illness.
  • Wear face mask – There are varied kinds of face mask in the market. You just need to buy them and wear it all the time to be safe.

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