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Most Popular Tote Bag Designs to Know Before Hosting an Event

There is always a lot of work that goes in hosting trade events. From crafting innovative ideas to be ready with production it takes a lot of work planning for the next big day. On the other hand, planning an event needs a lot of investment.

It is imperative that you must spend your budget wisely, to get maximum benefits out of it. You want to make sure that every attendee remembers about your event, the best part is to go forward with tote bags.

Any promotional  tote bags are cheap and easy to store as inventory. You can mass produce them or even as per minimum order quantity and use them at regular intervals. Tote bags are ideal because it is one of the best tools for brand recall and creates maximum brand awareness among crowds.

Colourful tote bags are attractive and it can immediately draw attention of the passer by. The best part is your recipient will reuse them and they can carry it to super markets, grocery shopping or even to the nearest coffee shop.

Well, if you need to plan to print and make the tote bags as per your customer data. For females you need to appeal to their fashion taste and go for bright colours. While for males you need to go a little subtle and with sophisticated colours so that it does not look too loud for them to carry.

Tote Bag Ideas

Whether you are planning a small team party or a big industry specific conference, you must plan and work within the budget. Therefore, you need to make most of your money by giving away to the right people and also the right design.

Customized tote bags

These are the practical way to go forward and these are one of the most used promotional items. When it comes to customization the choices are limitless. From oven bags, to laminated ones to the tablet carriers there are lot of choices. Understanding popular trends in manufacturing tote bags will help you make the right statement for your brand even after the event is over.

Backpack totes

Obviously, when it comes to tote bags the idea of them is one shoulder cloth material grocery type of bags. However, with changing time forms and designs of totes have also changed. These days’ totes are also available in backpack styles. Backpacks are ideal for daily usages and your attendees can carry laptops, books and anything they want. Also, these are comfortable to carry. Backpacks are great way to get included in the user’s daily life. You can choose a unisex design and cut down on cost. The best way forward is to with neutral dark colours. Just imagine the brand exposure you can get with these totes!

Chained tote bags

Chained ones are great way to redo the usual tote ones. Chained ones can be even carried to night out and in parties. Obviously, you will need to add a little bit of glitz to make it more appealing. It may be a little costly than the usual ones, but it will be worth it.

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