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Museums You Can Pay a Visit When You Are In Memphis

A museum is an establishment that conserves the collection of artifacts and other objects like artistic, ethnic, historical, and scientific.  Without museums, we lose the links to our past, and Memphis is one place that dwells in the past. It boasts of a number of world-class museums that people from around the world come to visit.

Memphis, the largest metropolis along the Mississippi River, is a great tourist attraction spot. You could visit the We Are Memphis website to know about Memphis and other tourist places to visit. They are the collaboration of individuals and organizations dedicated to elevating Memphis and also to create catalytic positive change.

In this article, we’ve briefly compiled a few of the museums one must visit.

  • The National Civil Rights Museum

The museum spotlights the struggles which occurred while fighting for equality. It maintains more than 260 artifacts, interactive media, and external listening posts, which takes the visitors through five centuries of history, primarily focuses on the effects of slavery and Jim Crow laws on African-Americans. Three-dimensional shapes are used to recreate the effects in a way that brings them back to life.

  • Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis

This museum was established in the year 1916, and it is one of the oldest and largest art museums in Tennessee. There are 29 galleries and over 10,000 works of art housed in this museum, which includes Renaissance masterpieces from Italy, works from ancient Rome, Greece & the Americas, English portraiture, American decorative arts and paintings, survey of African art, contemporary art, and more.

There is a research library, art classrooms, auditorium, and a print study room.

  • Stax Museum of American soul music

This museum is the replica of the Stax recording studio. It was founded in the year 2003. Thither are about 2,000 videos, photographs, interactive exhibits, stage costumes, and innovative instruments, which were used to record the songs by Stax. This museum also has Stax Music Academy, which provide music education and performance opportunities for interested people.

  • National Ornamental Metal Museum

The museum was found in 1979, and it is the only institution of its kind exhibiting fine metalwork in the United States. This museum is located on 3.2 acres overlooking the Mississippi River. It consists of a collection of over 3000 metal objects, which date back to the Renaissance. There is also a library and sculpture garden.

  • Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

This museum was created in association with the National Museum of American History (NMAH) in 2000. This museum recounts the story of musicians who got the better of socioeconomic barriers and racial to create influential music. Guests can take a tour and explore the seven galleries, 30 instruments, and fascinating information of 300 minutes as well as enjoy a digital tour of musical experience.

The above listed are the few best museums which you can explore on your visit to Memphis. Make sure you add these museums to your travel itinerary to explore the city’s history, culture and musical landscape.

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