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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil

CBD or Cannabidiol is an intoxicating compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is also industrial hemp that first originated in 2700 B.C. It has been used for a medicinal and natural remedy for centuries. In recent times, it has proved to be effective to ease the symptoms of common health issues such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, etc.

It can be taken in various forms, including oil. You can search the web to find a CBD store near you. JustCBD is a US-based company dealing with the manufacturing and distribution of the product. They are a trusted brand with CBD products and are completely honest and precise about the components of their product, to their ever satisfied customers.

What are the Legal Aspects of CBD oil?

CBD products that have been derived from hemp have been legalized in the United States. It is a commercial commodity and is free to be accessed by the general public due to its therapeutic benefits.

Is CBD oil intoxicating?

It is said to be originated from the sativa plant but is not intoxicating like the marijuana itself. It does not contain psychoactive elements and hence does not interrupt with the cognitive functioning. 

Is CBD oil safe?

The safety of the product differs from brand to brand. Any product that you opt for, make sure it is certified by the US hemp Authority. You need to do thorough research on the brand you choose, its components, customer reviews, etc. Choose the brand which suits you better and fulfils the purpose of you taking the CBD in the first place.

Do you need a doctor’s recommendation to start on CBD oil?

You don’t need to have a doctor’s recommendation or prescription. However, if you are on medications or have a serious health condition, it is better to consult a doctor and take the dosage accordingly. However, if that’s not the case you can always start small. 

How to choose the CBD oil flavor?

Most people are not keen on the taste of hemp, and hence there are several flavored CBD oils. The carrier oil for every flavor is different. Coconut oil has a rather dreary taste. Olive oil is for a nutty flavor. MCT oil is also the one with a subtle taste. 

What does the CBD oil contain?

The oil contains several minerals, nutrients, and vitamins along with traces of CBD. It is very nourishing, rejuvenating and reviving.

Why should you opt for CBD oil?

CBD oil is naturally extracted and has nutrients and components in its purest form. This is not remotely possible in case of other forms of CBD. This results in the oil being a complete package of wellness products.


CBD oil, is your best go at CBD intake. If you have only started recently, a few drops of the oil is more than enough. Choose your taste by trying different flavors and make sure the oil provides you the benefit that you need it to. 

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