Wednesday, September 22

Why Should You to Go for Walking Holiday?

If you want to enjoy fully the landscape of the area and also learn about history and culture of your destination where you are holidaying then walking tour is the best option for you. You cannot know all about your holiday destination by going for any conducted tour program by bus or by driving a rented car.

You may read more about guided walking tours and learn about various benefits of such tours.

  • You can keep yourself fully fit by walking

We all are aware about various cardiovascular benefits that you get due to walking. Not only that, walking will keep you physically fit, reduce your belly fat, improve strength of your bones, reduce stress and anxiety, lower the risk of falling ill and increase the muscular strength too. While in most of the holiday packages you need to spend hours by sitting either in car or bus or train however with walking holidays, you will exercise and at the same time explore the holiday destination.

  • Walking tours are meditative and calming form of travel

There is a Latin term generally used which is ‘Solvitur ambulando’ which if translated into English means ‘it is solved with walking’. As you walk on the way, you get plenty of time for free thinking and as a traveller you start appreciating the beauty of nature and also think of solving many problems of life.

  • You can have intimate encounter with holiday destination

While walking, you can see the trees around the place, every houses and buildings very closely instead of just glancing. Therefore, the picture of the place will remain in your memory for very long time.

  • You can come across real people

As you make your journey by walk, you meet various passers-by, farmers, local residents, shop keepers and many of your fellow travellers. This gives you an opportunity to interact with few of them and know few real people and learn much more actual details of that area.

  • Walking does not cost you money

Since, you are not travelling in any car, bus or train and using only your two feet and hence you need not spend any money for that. You can take rest at any place if you feel exhausted.

  • Eco-friendly option

Because of walking you are not burning any fossil fuel, no carbon emission and therefore you are not doing any damage to environment. Therefore, it is most eco-friendly option.

  • At the end, you get a feeling of accomplishment

When you reach your destination by walking then it gives a personal sense of achievement that perhaps you may not get by rail or cruise trip.

  • You may get certain spirit inspiring feeling after doing long walk in holiday destination

Creative people like Beethoven, Thomas Hardy, Virginia Woolf and William Wordsworth etc. and more have got plenty of inspiration by walking across the countryside.

  • Walking can take you to place where other conveyance may not take you

By walking, you can go to fields and countryside which no aeroplane, ship or train may be able to take.

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