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How CBD Helps in Treating A Cold Sore Outbreak?

A cold sore outburst can ruin your day. There is no proper cure for this problem. Some treatments can help you get relief from pain and improves the process of healing. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound present in hemp that helps in easing soreness in the throat, but also reduces its occurrence.

What is a cold sore?

Cold sores are the patches that occur in and around the skin of the mouth. They are filled with mucus. When these painful blisters pop, it releases a liquid that was present in them. It is a highly contagious, sensitive, and itchy problem that should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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What are the reasons for getting a cold sore?

A viral infection termed herpes simplex virus is the reason behind causing cold sores. This virus tends to spread from one person to another when people come in physical contact. This is a recurring condition, so you need to guard against it.

The virus remains in an inactive state in the cells of the nerve present in the skin. It can get agitated at any time and harm the healthy cells again. Stress is also noted to be a key factor behind reoccurring cold sore.

What makes CBD effective in the treatment of a cold sore?

CBD is an ideal treatment to give relief from cold, cough, and flu. This natural cannabinoid present in the hemp plant can treat cold sores and limit its occurrences in the future. This product cannot cure the virus. It makes it simpler to manage the condition.

What makes CBD effective in the treatment of cold sores is its anti-inflammatory action. Due to which it heals sores in the inflamed throat, and gives lasting relief from throat pain. CBD also helps in encouraging the healthy growth of cells. It restricts the sensation of inflammation and pain in the body.

CBD is also seen to prevent HSV-1 eruptions in the future. It improves the defense mechanism of the person that in turn leads it to antiviral effects. When the immunity system is strong, it can effectively fight against the active HSV-1 cells. In this way, it is capable of treating any future outbursts of a cold sore.

How can I use CBD to get relief from cold sores?

CBD is effective at reducing stress, as well as the virus eruption. To get relief from this problem, all you need is to apply CBD oil on the skin with the help of a clean swab of cotton. Another way is to place a few drops of CBD tincture below the tongue once in the morning. Oral consumption of CBD capsules or edible is also helpful to treat this condition.


CBD is one of the potent remedies that help in keeping your immunity system strong. The addition of CBD to the daily routine not just strengthens your immunity levels, but also fights against infection strongly.

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